Sunday, December 14, 2014

A promotion...of sorts

In my last blog post I mentioned that we have started using Young Living Essential Oils, but I am not only using them, I like to share them with others and in doing that I have started my own business.  I'm very excited about this and I was recently promoted to Executive in November! I'm slowly but surely making my way up the ranks and in doing so, I'm helping the family out in more ways than one.  If you are interested in joining the great company of Young Living, either using the products or earning a little extra cash, let me know and I can help you out.  Here are a few ideas for you to ponder if you are on the fence, or need a few gifts for Christmas


Can you find my name? Amazing growth in this group.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Young Living

Back in May of this year, I started using Young Living Essential Oils.  A couple of my friends from High School were using them and giving great testimonies on how they have helped their families become healthier and get rid of many over the counter meds they used to use.  I was very interested in adding this to our healthier lifestyles so I joined and have never looked back! They have helped our family with tummy bugs, rashes, headaches, pregnancy aches/pains, labor, potty training, mood, stress, cuts, sleeplessness, etc.  I love these oils! Young Living just came out with a brand new premium starter kit:

The Premium Starter Kit is a great deal.

If anyone is interested in learning about these oils or how to get them for your family, let me know and I can help you out. I also have a link at the right top of the page if you would like to join.  If you join with the psk (premium starter kit) using my link, I will give you a pocket reference guide that is an invaluable tool as you use these oils.  They are amazing! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Pictures from October...

I just wanted to add some pictures we took from October.

He rolled over and didn't like it!

Amschwand Sarcoma Gala

Last Thursday night was the 2014 Catwalk for a Cure fundraiser for the Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation.  It was an incredible night and one we won't forget.  My mom came in Tuesday to get the routine down for watching the boys (she was our babysitter for Thursday/Friday).  Jeff and I left around 4:30 Thursday afternoon to get to the hotel (where we were getting ready/staying and where the Gala was being held).  My hairdresser Danielle met us at the hotel and she did my hair and makeup, cause goodness knows, I needed help! The event started at 7 with cocktail hour.  The room was filled with people by the time we got there.  Everyone dressed to the 9's and looking great! We found Missy, the coordinator of the event, in the sea of people, and she encouraged us to get some champagne. We thought, why not? It's a celebration, right? Well, that one glass of champagne was $100! Little did we know it was a "fundraiser" at the Gala.  You bought your glass of champagne and attached was a number.  During the event, they would pull one number and whoever had that number went home with a $10,000 diamond.  Well, I guess I could handle that! So we ordered up one glass of champagne and I savored it as long as possible! :)  But I did not win that expensive diamond.  Oh well, at least the money is going to a great cause.  During the cocktail hour, we mingled a bit, although we didn't really know anyone and no one knew who we were, but it was fun just hanging out and people watching.  We did run into 2 very famous ladies, the designers Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa. We chatted for a minute, then they happily obliged our request for a photo.  Around 8 we went into the main room for dinner and the program.  The mistress of ceremonies was Deborah Duncan, a local tv personality.  She was great! The honorees were presented with our awards, the videos were shown, then there was a live auction of some fabulous trips and jewelry and things, but we just sat in awe of the people bidding on them.  Starting bids were $5,000 with most ending around $14,000! Oh to have that kind of money to spend! One can only dream of. Haha! After the auction, the fashion show started.  It was Marchesa's entire spring collection.  Really special for them to show it at this function for us.  I love Project Runway (which Georgina's husband produces), so it was kinda cool to see something like this in person.  After the fashion show, the Survivors in the audience got to walk the runway too.  I was super nervous for this (Missy informed me 2 days prior that I would be doing it and I didn't even have my shoes yet!).  There were 5 of us that walked. A young girl around 11 years old, her mom/aunt(?), me and 2 other older men.  The young girl and her family member went first, then I was going 2nd.  The older man behind me (David), helped me up the stairs then never let go of my hand! So we walked together, which was fine with me. Safety in numbers! Ha! We all stood together at the front of the runway and took a picture.  So fun! After that, I believe it was almost over, so we ended up talking with random people and meeting some of the people that helped make the night possible.  I even met someone that knows people from my hometown that I graduated with and lived in my neighborhood! Crazy! We ended up hanging out with Missy and her friends after everyone had left and stayed out till 2:30am! So much for getting some sleep being away from the kids.  It was a great night and we have a lot of pictures, so I'll leave you with those.

Putting makeup on

Me and Danielle

In the room before we headed downstairs

$100 champagne and wine selfie

Still have my champagne!

Keren, Me, Jeff, Georgina

The room. I'm in the red dress. Can you find me?

The Marchesa Gown auctioned off. 

Appetizer. (Forgot to take pics of dinner and dessert!)

Me and Missy after getting my award.

The award

Fashion Show!

Keren and Georgina
Survivor walk down the runway:

Sylvia of Saks Fifth Avenue

Us with Deborah Duncan

I'll post more pics if I get any.  And here are the videos they showed of the honorees:

My video:

Commitment to the Cause Award Recipient:

Commitment to Care Award (my doctor):

Article from Local magazine about the event.  There is a mistake in the article. Can you find it?:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time Trick or Treating with friends this year. We hit 2 neighborhoods and the boys racked up.  The boys wanted to be superheroes, so Jeff took it upon himself to make their costumes.  Yes, he made them. He sewed, serged, glued and everything! I helped a bit, but he did most of the work.  And I must say, they looked pretty amazing! See for yourself:

Our friends the Sholls. 

Superheroes Unite! Found a Captain America along the way.

Flash, Batman and Superman 
Batman, Catwoman, Superman, Flash

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Sneak Peek

Jeff has been hard at work making the boys their Halloween Costumes.  Yes, you read that right. Jeff. He has conceptualized and sewed everything so far. I have been the gofer and gotten all the supplies.  Here is a sneak peek:

Stay tuned for the final products! It's going to be pretty "super"! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

October thus far...

It's only October 6 and we have been busy everyday.  Wednesday was Charlie's 5th birthday! My how time flies.  He went to school and shared special treats (Rice Krispy Treats) with his friends in his class.  That night, we went bowling and had pizza at Main Event with his/our friends.  Everyone had a great time and he received lots of great presents.

On Thursday, Charlie has chapel at school and the kids that have birthdays that week get to wear a special birthday crown and go up to the front of the church and everyone sings Happy Birthday to them.

Charlie walking in with his class. 

Teddy wanted his picture taken. 

A special blessing from the pastor. 

Harry even joined in prayer.

For Jeff's birthday (which was Thursday, October 2) he wanted to go to Fredericksburg and go to some wineries with a few of his friends.  We drove up Thursday in our brand new 2015 Yukon XL! We just got it on Tuesday and man was it useful to have! We could fit everything we needed and still had room for people if we wanted.  It wasn't our first choice in color, but it had everything else we were looking for so we bought it.  

Friday night we had a nice dinner to celebrate 3 birthdays, Charlie's, Jeff's and Uncle Carl's.

Saturday, Jeff and his friends went to a few wineries and had a great time drinking and visiting with various winemakers in the Texas Hill Country.  I joined them at the last stop where Uncle Carl works and we had a great tasting in the private room. We all left on Sunday to reset and start the work week again.  We had a great time and I know the boys loved their birthday weekend.